freelance composer, location sound recordist,
& software developer based in the UK.

  • Music
  • Film/TV
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As well as composing, recording and performing my own work in the Demoscene (as Syphus) and in Irish traditional music circles, I've produced commissioned work for a wide range of clients including BBC Radio 3 Drama, BBC Radio 4 Drama, Sunderland A.F.C., the Centre for Process Innovation, We Are Strongness and FME, and for numerous video games.

I'm a trained violinist, guitarist and pianist, so as well as incorporating digital/analogue synthesis and sample-based sound design, my compositions and live performances also feature conventional acoustic and electric instruments.

Location Sound Recordist

I'm available for film and TV location work and can supply my own kit including: Sound Devices 633, SQN mixers (4S Mini, 4S IV, 3m); Zoom recorders (Zoom F8, F4, H5, H2, H1); microphones by Sennheiser (MKH 416), Audix (SCX1-HC) and Oktava (modified MK 012); a selection of lavalier mics (Sanken COS-11D, Tram TR-50, Oscar Sound Tech OST-801, LOM MikroUsi Pro matched stereo pair, various Sennheiser and AudioTechnica lavs); various studio mics by Neumann, Shure, Sontronics and Rode; radio wireless (2 x Sennheiser G2); and a range of options for boom work, cart work, portable voice-over recording and location Foley. I also offer audio post services.

My kit can be rented locally in various configurations - please get in touch to discuss pricing and availability.

Software/Games Developer

I have many years' experience as a web, mobile app & hybrid desktop app developer, having delivered projects for clients including the NHS, King's College London, Newcastle University, the Great North Children's Hospital & the West End Refugee Service.

Currently I'm freelancing in the games industry, where my skills include audio implementation/logic, Foley, sound design, composition, and dynamic/procedural music systems.

I also code open-source music software for fun - available free on Github!

Recent Work

Examples of some things I've been working on lately, updated whenever I can find the time!

  • Tom Grennan - Sober

    Recording engineer

  • Pink Lane Coffee promo

    Location sound and audio post

  • We Are Strongness

    Music, VO recording & dubbing

  • Traidcraft - Fair Trade

    Location sound recordist

  • TOHETI Mobile App

    Mobile app for NHS & Kings College London

  • FME - Proving Grounds

    Soundtrack - composed using location field recordings of gym equipment

  • BBC Radio 4 Drama

    Soundtrack for Red Shoes and White Snow on BBC Radio 4

  • Fist of Awesome

    Original videogame soundtrack

  • Syphus - pro.tect

    An album of my 2007-2011 Syphus music (chiptune/demoscene)

  • Pineapple Smash Crew

    Original videogame soundtrack for Pineapple Smash Crew


To chat about a project, please contact me on Twitter or via echolevel [ @ ] gmail [ dot ] com