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Protracker for Amiga. The ultimate digital audio workstation. If you can't do it in Protracker, it's probably not worth bothering with. This tool lets you create or edit PT.CONFIG-00 files that are compatible with most Protracker versions, particularly 2.3D/2.3E.

By default, Protracker always looks for PT.Config-00 (usually in your Amiga's 'S' directory) but you can store multiple configs by incrementing the 00 suffix (e.g. PT.Config-01, etc) and entering the corresponding number in Protracker's setup screen to load that config file.

So far, so charmingly obsolete. But wait! 8bitbubsy's fantastic new modern-platform port of Protracker can read PT.Config files too, and since it doesn't implement the setup screen, this is a nice way to edit colour schemes and other esoteric options.

If you're even reading this, you probably know what you're doing in Protracker - or at least you know which of the config options are useless or were never implemented. Everything else, I'm pretty sure, works as it should. I'm not going to try to fix bugs for crazy versions of Protracker down the ages, but if you find a bug with 2.3D (Amiga hardware or modern systems), or 8bitbubsy's new 2.3e (for Amiga hardware), let me know and I'll try to figure it out.

If I get time, I'll maybe write a detailed guide to what all the options mean.

The lovely, chunky, clumsy font you're looking at right now is, by the way, the original Protracker font which I manually drew out into modern ttf/woff/woff2/eot monospace fonts using the ASM source as a reference. I don't think it exists anywhere else, but I've made it freely available on my GitHub